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Our plans for the BIG day 2021!

What to expect when we get together on June 6th 2021 .....

We warmly welcome you to this page were you will find all the treats in store for you on Sunday June 6th at 2pm, a mix of old and new, the Leicester Sing for Water Concert 2021.

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The event will open with a live welcome and introduction to everyone from hosts Kim Burley Jones and John Sinclair on behalf of the organisers.

….. followed by a welcome from Sarah Russell, Assistant Mayor of Leicester City.

Next watch a video clip of the Leicester Sing for Water event at the Riverside Festival from 2010 – a reminder of what the event has always looked like.

Following that, enjoy a warm up, with vocal and physical exercises lead by Una May Olomolaiye to get our voices and bodies set up to burst into song.

Next join in the FIRST GROUP SING – Long Walk to Freedom – lead by Carl Hodson. We will sing this song twice – at the start of the programme to honour Nelson Mandela and his role in leading South Africa out of Apartheid, and again at the end to recognise the long walk we are all facing to return to freedom from the awful effects of the pandemic – across the world

Now sing along with Tann-I Browne, who has opened this event for many years with tributes to Bob Marley. In this recording from 2018 he sang “One Love” with audience participation and the singers of Leicester Amika Choir accompanying him.

And here’s a performance of Siya Hamba by Red Leicester Choir.

Now for the second GROUP SING – Pokarekare Ana, led by Jane Bursnall, MD of Red Leicester Choir, Sing to Breathe Easy, The Square Mile Choir and others.

This will be followed by a performance of Saba Po Lock from Worldsong

Now for the third GROUP SING – Sangena Thina, led by Una May Olomolaiye, MD of Worldsong

Time for a break of around 10 minutes, during which photos of previous events will be shown to the music of the children of the Shaftesbury School Steel Band who have supported the LSFW Choir at the Riverside Festival for so many years, and there will be time to reflect on the reason we are gathering to raise funds with a video provided by WaterAid – see the real and lasting difference that access to clean water and sanitation will make to people in Malawi.

Now enjoy a performance by the children of ‘The Brass of the Saff’ who supported this event at the Riverside Festival in 2019.

The second half of the event begins with a song from Leicester Amika Choir – Limpopo River

Enjoy another GROUP SING – The River led by Della Cohen, MD of Leicester Amika Choir

Next a performance by Global Harmony – Tedumulah

Enjoy the final GROUP SING – Long Walk to Freedom led by Carl Hodson, MD of Global Harmony

To finish, thanks to all who have made this event possible – the tech support team, the choir leaders and the organisers, the singers and of course the audience.

(plans are subject to change)

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