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Announcing the GREAT NEWS that we raised over £1,920 at our virtual singing event in 2021 and we are planning Leicester Sing For Water ‘in real life’ in 2022!

We got together on Zoom and shared an hour and a half of music – including some singing ourselves lead by our brilliant choir leaders, and some music recorded by musicians who had supported us in past live events.  We couldn’t mix our voices on Zoom because of the time lag, but we were able to sing together with the backing tracks, and shared our love of singing in that moment in time, raising money for a cause we all hold very dear. We sang four songs: Long Walk to Freedom, The River, Pokarekare Ana and Sangena Thina.

Anyone who enjoys singing was welcome to join in this event, raising money for WaterAid. Singers who were registered were able to download the scores and rehearsal mp3s on this website. Then they were able to listen, choose the part that best suited their voices, and get practising so that they could have a great time singing on the day.

We have four wonderful choir leaders who gave their time and shared their skills with us on the day, and each agreed to run a virtual practice session before the day, each leading one song.

Raising Money for Wateraid

We asked each singer to try to raise a donation for WaterAid. A goal of £30 per singer was a target, but whatever singers managed to raise was appreciated. In the past singers have collected donations through sponsorship or another form of fundraising.  See the  Money Matters page for further details.

And Why Did We Do This?

Because there are still far too many children dying of waterborne diseases – and far too many people living without access to clean water, sanitation, or health education. We wanted to get going, raising money, practising songs and making it a great event in 2021 to change the lives of people in Malawi through the WaterAid projects there! We are hoping for an even better experience for everyone at Leicester’s Riverside Festival on June 5th 2022!

Many thanks to all the people who contributed in so many ways to make this happen in 2021 – we can’t wait to sing together again in 2022!

Cee, Ciaran, Kim, Mary, Rob and Veronica

The Leicester Sing for Water planning team.

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