How to get involved in LSFW 2022- a quick guide!

You can get involved in this fun, singing event, and raise funds for WaterAid

Step 1 is to register as a singer on this site (it is free)…… then……

Download the scores and rehearsal mp3s that will be uploaded onto this website in March 2022

Choose the part that best suits your voice, print the words or scores, listen to the tracks to become familiar with them

Book a free ticket for a rehearsal on Eventbrite and get the rehearsal Zoom link sent to you by email (link will be available in April 2022).

Make a donation via Justgiving (please!) using the “Donate Today” button at the top of every page of this website.

Join in a rehearsal on Zoom so that you can prepare to enjoy singing along with the music tracks on June 5th.

Ask friends and family to sponsor you, either using a sponsor form or by asking them to send their contributions to WaterAid using the “Donate Today” button at the top of every page on this website.

Join in the rehearsal in the morning at 10am on June 5th (more details to come)

Perform as part of a choir on the stage at Leicester’s Riverside Festival at 2pm and have a fun afternoon!

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